What is a meniscus?

Meniscus are two small C-shaped wedges of elastic cartilage inside the knee that act as shock absorbers and load sharers in the joint...

What is a meniscal allograft

A meniscal allograft is a real meniscus that has been obtained from a deceased donor...

What is meniscal transplantation

Meniscal allograft transplantation involves surgically implanting a new meniscus into the knee to replace a missing meniscus...

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Meniscal Transplantation

Meniscal allograft transplantation is the procedure of surgically implanting a new meniscus, which is provided by a donor, into someone's knee. Meniscal transplantation is not new - the first case series was actually reported way back in 1989 by Klaus Milachowski, from Munchen.

However, it has take several years for the procedure to gradually gain popularity and acceptance within the surgical world. Now, however, meniscal transplantation is readily available in specialist centres from a small number of highly specialised knee surgeons specialising in complex knee reconstructive surgery.

About this website

The aim of this website is to help inform patients about meniscal transplantation. It will explain fully what is involved and provide guidance for people who are querying whether or not this kind of surgery is suitable for their particular knee complaint.

This website has been created by Mr Ian McDermott, who is one of London’s leading private knee surgeons. Mr McDermott has been involved in meniscal transplantation for the last 15 years, and he has been performing meniscal transplantation for the last 10 years.

He is one of the UK’s leading experts in the field of meniscal repair and meniscal replacement, and he is one of only a very small number of surgeons in the Uk who actually has considerable practical experience with this surgical procedure, having undertake large number of cases.

This website is not, and cannot be, a substitute for a detailed face to face clinical assessment, which is an essential part of the process for anyone seeking advice regarding their own personal case.

The Rehab

Initially after meniscal transplantation surgery it is important to protect the knee and to offload the joint in order to protect the meniscal allograft and to give the graft the best possible chance of healing up successfully.

The Results

With time, the patient’s blood vessels grow into the meniscal allograft and the new meniscus is seeded with new cells, and the graft becomes a living meniscus with the patient’s own living cells. However, this takes time, which is why initially it’s important to protect the joint.

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